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‘Amy Cutler: Brood’ at Leslie Tonkonow Artworks + Projects

Amy Cutler, Berta, TK

The face is not a perfectly oval stage for sight and emotion. For Amy Cutler, it’s a cancerously misshapen gestalt—marked like a knuckle or a fist with venous blue smudges and faint red lines—whose features expand upon but never live apart from their central squelch. They unspool in a restless sequence that always reads from step to step—from a lovingly massive nose to its adjacent beady eyes, for example, or from those irritated red eyes up to an expansive brow—but has no regularity of overall proportion. Ms. Cutler has painted 19 such imagined faces, all women, in gouache on heavy, fibrous paper, each one framed between beautifully rendered, slightly stylized hair and the collar of an exuberantly colored rayon blouse. Read More