What’s in a Museum for Writers? A Lot of Bizarre Vignettes

Vignette for 'American Quests.' (Courtesy the American Writers Museum)

What will a museum about writers display? It’s a tricky problem since the written word doesn’t easily lend itself to visual presentation of this kind. But the American Writers Museum Foundation has just released a plan that gives us a hint. After numerous “charettes,” or brainstorming sessions, in which scholars, writers, publishers, designers and museum professionals gathered to toil over the design problems, the American Writers Museum has come up with a plan for a museum that answers the call of the many Americans who are “aghast”—as per Amaze Design, the company which developed the plan—that we have no facility for honoring U.S. writers. According to the plan, the museum will be some kind of cross between the Tolstoy House Museum in Moscow and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Read More