Armory Week 2012

At the Armory Show, Lindemann, Levin and More on Art’s Worth

The Armory Show's Pier 94. (Photo by Andrew Russeth)

Asked to define the state of the art world, and the culture at large, during a panel discussion at the Armory Show on Saturday afternoon, the art advisor Todd Levin looked pained. He took off his glasses and thought for a few moments as he rubbed his eyes.

“I feel very much in a certain way what Mahler must have felt in 1908, embarking on the last movement of the Ninth Symphony,” Mr. Levin said, during his answer. “A feeling of an end of a number of things, not only the end of tonality in the music he was writing, but the end of nature, an end to, sort of, societal manners. They were reaching a breaking point and something was going to happen.” Amid the brisk business reportedly taking place in the fair next door, it was a sobering comment. Read More