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‘Adriana Lara: NY – USA’ at Algus Greenspon

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Adriana Lara, Symbol Face #2 (Colored), 2012

According to a recent video report by fashion photographer Bill Cunningham, the city’s men are dressing up again. “The whole disheveled look, I think, is on the wane,” Mr. Cunningham announced giddily. “The direction’s to clean up your act.” Some recent exhibitions hint that something similar is under way among artists, male and female. Think of the luxurious new work—including a designer clothing collaboration—that Seth Price just showed at Petzel, the uncharacteristically slick photos and fashion line that K8 Hardy presented at the Whitney Biennial and now the immaculate paintings Mexico City-based artist Adriana Lara offers in her debut at Algus Greenspon. Read More