Damien Hirst's 'Complete Spot Paintings': 10 Reviews

A Gagosian gallery T-shirt. (Patrick McMullan)

Damien Hirst’s 11-gallery spot-painting exhibitions is probably impossible for just about single working critic to review.

Even the most frugal writer making the worldwide Gagosian tour—crashing on couches, taking trains throughout Europe, etc.—would need to spend at least a few thousand dollars on airplane tickets to cross the Atlantic, the Pacific, the U.S. and the gigantic gap between the Gagosian outposts in Athens and Hong Kong. Though critic Adrian Searle floats the rumor that one journalist is making the trip, it is hard to believe any publication—or even major media company—would be willing to back the sojourn. Read More

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Guardian Names Young Arts Critics Competition Winners

the guardian

Earlier this year, the Guardian invited budding young arts critics, aged 18 and under, to submit writing for its annual young critics contest, now in its fourth edition. Now the winners are in, and many of the pieces are a joy to read. Winners were picked by age (14 to 18 and under-14) and category (theater, music, etc.), and each awardee took home a £25 ($39) gift certificate for a bookstore. Read More