Small Boxes, Big World: The Ladd Brothers at the Museum of Arts and Design

Ladd Brothers

On Friday night, Steven and William Ladd performed their piece Volcano at the Museum of Arts and Design, and if you came just five minutes late you would have missed it. Forty people packed into a fifth-floor gallery to watch the artists dismantle their work, a tower of 24 red suede boxes stacked in two columns. They lifted the lids one by one to reveal tiny landscapes crafted from cloth and beads. The audience oohed. They laid the tops on the floor, sat the bottoms in their respective tops and lined up all the boxes into one rectangular landscape. In two minutes, the tower unfolded into a terrain of fabric volcanoes and beaded vegetation. Read More

Museum Food

Go Veggie Crazy at the Brooklyn Museum’s Hyper-Local Urban Farm Stand


Have your recent trips to the museum been sorely lacking in locally sourced produce from urban farms in Brooklyn? Have you recently walked up to a new exhibition and become suddenly struck by hunger pangs that can only be sated by vegetables grown within a mile from your apartment? Do you at some point each day need to purchase greens from the same person who grew and picked them with their hands in order to carry on with your life? Read More


Morning Links: Gaga Edition

Lady Gaga

Robert Wilson’s 23 video portraits of Lady Gaga, which were shown at the Louvre in November, will finally appear in the U.S. Thank goodness. [NYT]

England’s Northampton Museum and Art Gallery deaccessioned an Egyptian statue at Christie’s to help fund an expansion, and some people are not so happy. Seriously impressive performance, though. Estimated to sell for $7 million to $11 million at Christie’s, it made a handy $27 million. [NYT]

Making zines on the subway! [NYT] Read More