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As VIP 2.0 Comes to a Close, Dealers Sound Off

The home page of VIP 2.0.

The second edition of the VIP art fair came to an end late last night. Dealers, collectors and art fans have finished their online chats, and logged out for the last time. The art world has returned to its normal Internet browsing. After the technical debacles of VIP 1.0, and with three more fairs scheduled this year, this was the make-or-break moment for the fair. Did the organizers succeed? Read More


At Pace, Critics and Family Make a Case for Roberto Matta

Roberto Matta's 1982 "Architecture du temps (un point sait tout)"

“This is a man who never stopped laughing, who always spoke in riddles, who identified with the joker, and is always actively engaging us with that perplexity, the idea of paradox in paintings,” biographer Justin Spring proclaimed of artist Roberto Matta at Pace Gallery’s West 25th Street branch last week. He added, “This is a starting point, rather than a definitive moment for Matta.” Read More


White Light, White Noise at David Lamelas's Maccarone Opening

Jorge Chikiar and John King perform at Maccarone last week.  Photo via: openingceremony.com

Walking through the doors of Maccarone two Tuesdays ago for the opening of Argentinian artist David Lamelas’s new show, Gallerist was suddenly blinded by a film projector running without film. After dodging out of the beam, and recovering our vision, we noticed another running behind it, casting a small square of light on the opposite wall.

Mr. Lamelas is well known for another light installation, albeit one considerably more tranquil: 1967’s Limits of Projection 1, a single cone of light projected from the ceiling in a dark room, which appeared last year at MoMA P.S.1 in Peter Eleey’s “Talent Show” exhibition. Read More