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Artadia Announces New Board Members


The nonprofit artist support network Artadia has announced four additions to its board of directors: Kimberly Light, founder of the art advisory company Lightbox; Karen Mehiel, the CEO of Kampack, an industrial packaging manufacturer; Laurie Ziegler, a Los Angeles-based arts patron; and Margot Ziegler, a New York-based art collector.

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Cynthia Daignault Will Barter Paintings at Lisa Cooley

Announcement card for The Barter Shelf. (Courtesy Lisa Cooley)

The painter Cynthia Daignault will offer 25 paintings in exchange for 25 objects in a project at the Lower East Side’s Lisa Cooley gallery. The piece, called “Das Tauschregal (The Barter Shelf),” is based on participatory economics: Ms. Daignault will trade 25 paintings for 25 objects, and the paintings will depict the objects they were traded for. Everything–paintings and objects–will be displayed at on offsite location, to be announced shortly, in May. Read More

Reviewing Artforum

Reviewing Artforum’s Advertisements: March 2014

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Artforum, March 2014

Seriously solid stuff in this issue of Artforum: Daniel Birnbaum, on Arthur Danto, Griel Marcus on Inside Llewyn Davis and Alison M. Gingeras on Friedrich Kunath. Plus a conversation between George Lewis and the late, great Terry Adkins. Lots to enjoy. But it’s time now to discuss the advertisements. (Actually it was time for that a long Read More


9 Things to Do in New York’s Art World Before March 24

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THURSDAY | Opening: "Romare Bearden: Insight and Innovation" at DC Moore


Screening: The Third Man at MoMA
Need reasons to go see this movie? Well, there’s Orson Welles as the villainous Harry Lime, some pretty striking expressionist cinematography, that quote about cuckoo clocks (courtesy Graham Greene’s screenplay), and it’s all set in shady postwar Vienna! How’s that for starters? —Zoë Lescaze Read More


Morning Links: All-Time Record Sales Edition


On Rhys Erns and Zackary Drucker, the transgender artists included in the Whitney Biennial, and “the growing transgender presence in pop culture.” [NYT]

“A reporter gets tips from three professional guides on how to navigate the marketplace at three of New York’s smaller art fairs last week.”[NYT]

A bunch of Berlin’s museums are Read More