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Reviewing Artforum

Reviewing Artforum’s Advertisements: April 2014

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Artforum, April 2014

Hot stuff in this April issue of Artforum. Perhaps hottest of all? Christine Mehring on Sigmar Polke’s storied 1976 Düsseldorf retrospective, which was organized by none other than Benjamin H.D. Buchloh. (Polke made a rather unexpected intervention in the show.) Also cool: a Top 10 from Pauline Oliveros, J. Hoberman on the Philadelphia Museum of Art’s Michael Snow show and quite a bit more. Read More


12 Things to Do in New York’s Art World Before April 6

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THURSDAY | Opening: Julian Hoeber and André Kertész at Zach Feuer


Performance: Donelle Woolford, “Dick’s Last Stand” at The Kitchen
(Fictional) Whitney Biennial artist Donelle Woolford will reenact a censored Richard Pryor stand-up routine from 1977. Lot of layers here: “Instead of Richard Pryor playing Richard Pryor playing Mudbone, Dick’s Last Stand is Woolford playing Richard Pryor playing Richard Pryor playing Mudbone—across generations and in drag!” Feels appropriate for April Fool’s. —Zoë Lescaze Read More


Morning Links: ‘Sclusies Edition

Bronfman. (Courtesy Getty Images)

“The late billionaire philanthropist Edgar M. Bronfman Sr.’s art collection, including paintings by Pablo Picasso, Claude Monet and Henri Matisse, will be sold at auction by Christie’s” this May. Expected to bring in more than $34 million. [Bloomberg]

And Sotheby’s will sell a nice Matisse. [WSJ] Read More

Reviewing Artforum

Reviewing Artforum’s Advertisements: March 2014

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Artforum, March 2014

Seriously solid stuff in this issue of Artforum: Daniel Birnbaum, on Arthur Danto, Griel Marcus on Inside Llewyn Davis and Alison M. Gingeras on Friedrich Kunath. Plus a conversation between George Lewis and the late, great Terry Adkins. Lots to enjoy. But it’s time now to discuss the advertisements. (Actually it was time for that a long Read More