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‘Changing Table’ at Kate Werble

In Bed With Sophia (1980) by Jon Imber

Almost all of the work here is battered, decaying, melting down, sprouting fungi, broken, deadpan, or obscure—and also thrilling and alluring. It looks like water is shooting from a metal pipe adorning Win McCarthy’s long, low cardboard sculpture, but it’s glass. Bananas are going very bad, affixed to a Plexi box—empty but for incense—that Read More

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‘Displayed’ at Anton Kern Gallery


“Displayed” has my vote for the most seductive group show of the season—an easy choice, given its treasures and the fact that, in a sense, it takes seduction itself as its subject, with work that examines and exploits the “possibilities inherent to the processes of selection, arrangement and presentation,” as its organizer, White Columns Read More

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‘Purple States’ and ‘Cafe Dancer Pop-Up’ at Andrew Edlin Gallery

Installation view of 'Purple States' at Edlin. (Courtesy Andrew Edlin Gallery)

“Sometimes more is better,” Martha Stewart Living crows of its recent recipe for chocolate ice cream cake with hazelnuts and marshmallow swirl. Agreed, when it comes to ultra-decadent desserts. However, that almost never holds true for summer group shows. “Purple States,” though, is the rare and wonderful exception: a jam-packed smorgasbord of artistic delights that feels like even more than the sum of its excellent parts. Organized by the artist Sam Gordon, it includes a shambolic, multigenerational mixture of some 60 outré-minded artists, who are cleverly presented in pairs—one, a non-mainstream or folk figure, the other, a more mainstream practitioner with shared interests. Sans checklist, I had trouble telling some of them apart, which lays bare the false and silly (but long-held) “insider-outsider” dichotomy that now finally seems to be waning. Read More


Morning Links: Giuseppe Penone Edition

Installation view of Penone's 2013 show at Goodman in Paris. (Courtesy Marian Goodman)

Khaled Jarrar—a Palestinian artist featured in “Here and Elsewhere,” the New Museum’s Arab art exhibition that opens today—was prevented from traveling to New York by Israeli authorities. [The Art Newspaper]

“Corcoran Gallery responds to lawsuit trying to block takeover deal.” [Los Angeles Times]

Hauser & Wirth opened its new space in Somerset, England, to the public yesterday. [The Art Newspaper] Read More


10 Things to Do in New York’s Art World Before July 14

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SUNDAY | Second Sundays at Pioneer Works


Opening: Keith Mayerson and Peter Saul at Robert Blumenthal
What! Keith Mayerson, whose handsome, moving “My American Dream” paintings were one of the great highlights of this year’s Whitney Biennial, will show alongside living legend Peter Saul, whose cartoon-flavored canvases have crackled and exploded with terrifying, hilarious energy for half a century. Read More