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Martos’ Itinerant Shoot The Lobster Project Will Show Henry Codax in L.A.

05 Martos Itinerant Shoot The Lobster Project Will Show Henry Codax in L.A.

Shoot The Lobster’s recent Henry Codax show at Gavin Brown’s Enterprise. (Courtesy the artist/GBE/STL)

Shoot the Lobster, the roaming project space belonging to Chelsea dealer Jose Martos, is winging its way to the West Coast later this month, bringing six new Henry Codax paintings to Los Angeles. Michael Thibault gallery, a relatively new venture, will host the exhibition.

“It was a conversation we started in the summer,” said Martos Gallery director Taylor Trabulus. “We didn’t really know what we wanted to do, we just knew we wanted to do something together. I think Henry Codax was the perfect answer to that.” Michael Thibault was interested in organizing a show involving minimalist art, according to Ms. Trabulus, and the mysterious monochrome painter had never shown on the West Coast.

The exhibition opens on Jan. 24, just before the Art Los Angeles Contemporary fair kicks off in Santa Monica on Jan. 30. There, Martos Gallery will present paintings by the late Dan Asher, whose estate it recently came to represent.

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