Art Basel Miami Beach 2013

The Secret Room at NADA

There are many great things about having your art fair at a hotel and resort in Miami Beach: a pool is just feet away, the beach is just a few more, and there is usually a pretty good buffet at the ready. And there’s another nice thing: dealers can use hotel rooms to store works and host private viewings away from the bustling fair.

Last year, Zach Feuer hosted a semi-secret Mark Flood show in a room in the Deauville Beach Resort during NADA. This year it’s Marlborough Chelsea taking up the tradition, offering new works by Jonah Freeman and Justin Lowe. (You make recall the ambitious show the duo installed there last year.) There are some new sculptures made of crystal and stone, a few new paintings and some of their psychedelically frosted cakes. If you like their work, you will probably like it. If you do not, there is a stunning view of the ocean.

Head to room 1445, on the 14th floor.


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