That Rich For-Profit School in Chelsea Has Two Sol LeWitt Wall Drawings



Avenues: The World School, an $85 million for-profit K-12 that opened in Chelsea in 2012, has completed installation of two Sol LeWitt wall drawings, on loan for a year through the artist’s estate and Pace Gallery.

The first, Wall Drawing #123A: Copied Lines, involved “students, faculty and staff members, following Sol LeWitt‘s directions, [drawing] a single line down the western wall of the Black Box Theater, followed by another until the entire wall was covered.” The second, Wall Drawing #620A,¬†Forms derived from cubic rectangles, with color ink washes superimposed, was completed by two members of LeWitt’s studio.

Ah, youth! This one really hits close to home, doesn’t it? It’s just like that time in public school when that girl got arrested for selling ecstasy in the parking lot and then ratted out a bunch of her clients in exchange for immunity, am I right? No?

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