Capricious Plans Lower East Side Gallery

The building. (Courtesy Capricious)

The building. (Courtesy Capricious)

Today, three years after the Capricious curatorial and publishing outfit closed its project space in Williamsburg, it announced it will open a gallery on the fifth floor of 88 Eldridge Street, the building that is also home to the David Lewis Gallery and a still-to-come Miguel Abreu space.

The plan is for Capricious 88, as the gallery is being termed, to stage five shows a year. It will open its first show on Nov. 17, a group show of work featured in issue number 14 of its journal. (They’ve been publishing throughout their exhibiting hiatus.) The artists on deck are: Nicolai Howalt, Anders Petersen, Susan Surface, Collin LaFleche, Peter Croteau and Anne Hall.

Pretty remarkable how the the Lower East Side gallery district just keeps growing.

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