President Obama Painted Today

Cameron and Obama. (Courtesy the White House)

Cameron and Obama. (Courtesy the White House)

Taking a break from the G8 summit in Northern Ireland today, President Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron painted a G8-themed work on paper with schoolchildren. The Telegraph, which has a video of them at work,¬†reports that the photo op “quickly turned into a painting contest between the pair.” From the paper: “Whilst it is Cameron who finishes his work first and receives cheers from staff and pupils for keeping within the lines, Obama refuses to admit defeat saying, ‘I’m not as good as these guys, but I’m better than David.'”

The two also left notes on a tapestry made by the children. President Obama wrote, “Dream Big Dreams,” while Prime Minister Cameron went with the inspirational message “Thanks for all you do.”

Somewhere in Frankfurt, Michael Krebber is picking up his brush.

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