Hurricane Sandy

Dustin Yellin May Modify His Triptych With a Real-Life Waterline

149193881 Dustin Yellin May Modify His Triptych With a Real Life Waterline

Yellin. (Courtesy Getty Images)

The New Yorker‘s Ben McGrath reported on his own fairly stressful post-Sandy Red Hook experience in this week’s Talk of the Town, and his cleanup story includes an encounter with local artist Dustin Yellin.

Mr. Yellin apparently considered touring the flooded neighborhood in a kayak, and said he may add a real-life water line to his flood triptych, to be shown soon at Lever House.

There’s also a terrific, if heartbreaking, quote right at the beginning from a neighbor: “You know how they say ‘Zone A? Red Hook is A-plus.'”

Check it out. (Subscription only)

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