Bracing for Rocket Attacks, Israel Museums Take Art Off the Walls

tel aviv museum of art Bracing for Rocket Attacks, Israel Museums Take Art Off the Walls

The Tel Aviv Museum of Art. (Courtesy

As a precaution against rocket attacks on Tel Aviv, the Tel Aviv Museum of Art has deinstalled its current Brueghel exhibition. The works have been moved into a “rocket-proof safe the size of an auditorium.”

More from the AP story:

“Even if there’s a very small possibility (of damage), we don’t play around. We don’t take chances,” said Doron J. Lurie, the senior curator and chief conservator. “We’ve guarded them like our own kids.”

At the Ashdod Art Museum, which is closer to the center of the violence in Gaza, staff hid work by Israeli artist Tsibi Geva inside an underground vault. Meanwhile, the Eretz Israel Museum in Tel Aviv and the Israel Museum in Jerusalem are going about business as usual. Lenny Wolf, a Jerusalem antiquities dealer, told the AP, “I’m more concerned about my own safety and the safety of my own family than a few bits of pottery.”

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