Artist Criticizes Coal in Wyoming, Which Doesn’t Sit Well With Wyoming Folk, No Sir

121030 sci sink crop rectangle2 mediumsmall Artist Criticizes Coal in Wyoming, Which Doesnt Sit Well With Wyoming Folk, No Sir

‘Carbon Sink.’ (Courtesy Slate)

Over at Slate, there’s a great story initially reported by Wyoming Public Radio about what happens when a British landscape artist (Chris Drury) makes an artwork critiquing coal in Dick Cheney’s home state.

Long story short: it didn’t go so well! From the piece about the work, Carbon Sink, formerly of the University of Wyoming campus in Laramie:

In April, university president Tom Buchanan wrote to the director of the art museum: “Given the controversy that it has generated, it would be best for UW if the fire pit (I’ve forgotten the name of the work) could be considered part of the [removal of other campus artworks] during the summer of 2012.” It was, and today, no trace of it remains.

Perhaps they were hoping for something a bit more pro-coal from the landscape artist.

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