Peter Brant Plans Karen Kilimnik Installation for Foundation

125505889 Peter Brant Plans Karen Kilimnik Installation for Foundation

Mr. Brant (Photo courtesy of Getty Images)

This summer, the three-year-old Brant Foundation in Greenwich, Conn., will host an installation by Philadelphia-based artist Karen Kilimnik, The New York Times reports.

A few details from the item:

Her exhibition, which runs from Saturday through September, includes installations, paintings, photographs and drawings made from 1982 to this year. Some are site specific, like the “Fountain of Youth,” which consists of six feet of boxwood hedges, grass, ivy and a stone garden fountain as well as glass perfume bottles on the upper gallery, while below will be a chinoiserie-theme installation where early drawings will hang with custom wallpaper, furniture, garden seats, fans and lanterns. “I’m still working on an entrance of snow drifts,” Ms. Kilimnik said.

It’s just one of the many stories in this particularly juicy Inside Art, available in tomorrow’s Times.

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