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Outsider Art Fair Moves to Dia Building in Chelsea in 2013

kengrimes pict iii 2 3 Outsider Art Fair Moves to Dia Building in Chelsea in 2013

(Courtesy Outsider Art Fair/Sanford Smith and Associates)

The Outsider Art Fair, which for years was held in the Puck Building on Houston Street (and in more recent years moved to a showroom on West 34th Street), will be heading to Chelsea for its 21st installment in January 2013. The fair will be held in the old Dia Center for the Arts building on West 22nd Street, the current home of Independent Art Fair and NADA New York.

Here’s a note from the press release:

“Twenty-one years ago, when the Outsider Art Fair debuted at the Puck Building, Soho was bustling with downtown galleries, many of which have now moved to Chelsea, along with major auction houses and museums. The move to Chelsea places the Outsider Art Fair at the center of art world action.”

So: there you have it. Whole lotta galleries in Chelsea now. And one more art fair.

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