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Fred Wilson Knows the Other Fred Wilson

fred Fred Wilson Knows the Other Fred Wilson

Tech guy, art guy (L-R). (Courtesy Getty Images)

When you say the name “Fred Wilson,” art nerds tend to think of the conceptual artist represented by the Pace Gallery, but tech nerds tend to think of the prominent New York-based venture capitalist whose previous successes include Tumblr and Foursquare.

Worlds collided today with a blog post on tech Fred Wilson’s blog wherein he describes a meeting with the artist Fred Wilson.

I was walking down Broadway near the [Union Square Ventures] offices and I see Fred walking up Broadway on the same side of the street as I’m on. So I stopped and waited for Fred to reach me. When he did, I reached out and said “are you Fred Wilson?”, he said “yes, I am”, and then I said “I am the other Fred Wilson”. He looked at me and smiled. We had a short conversation and that was that.

I had always sort of wondered if they knew each other. Now I know!

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