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Prime Suspect in Art Heist Mistakenly Released from Custody

hole Prime Suspect in Art Heist Mistakenly Released from Custody

The crime scene at the Durham Oriental Museum. (Courtesy the Northern Echo).

Last week, a gang carved a three foot hole into a wall at the Durham Oriental Museum in northern England, and made off with more than $3 million in stolen art. Earlier this week, one of the five suspects arrested for the crime was mistakenly released on bail and has since vanished. Whoops.

Police are now trying to re-arrest the man, according to the Northern Echo, but he has not been seen since his escape. Police and prosecutors disagree over who was responsible for his release.

Using hammers, a group broke into the museum by tunneling inside and stole an 18th Century jade bowl and a Dehua porcelain figurine. The four other prime suspects remain in custody.


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