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Loans Backed by Art Are a Hot New Trend, Says Artvest

134089632 Loans Backed by Art Are a Hot New Trend, Says Artvest

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So you’ve got a Warhol on the wall, and it’s appreciating in value, but you want to put some of that capital back into the market. Why not take out a loan using the painting as collateral? According to Artvest, a company that offers art investment funds and analysis of such investments, it’s a growing trend in the art market (Blouin Artinfo also recently noted the development), representing some $7 billion in loans.

You might not be able to pull it off, Michael Plummer writes on the company’s blog, because “it is easy to get a loan against a work by Warhol but very difficult to get a loan on one by Banksy.” But if you’re successful, and a strong investor, it’s a way to garner an even better return on investment from your art.

Marion Maneker offers more analysis of the trend on his site, where we first found the post.

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