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Ai Weiwei Will Attend the White Box Benefit Via Skype

aiweiweiscar Ai Weiwei Will Attend the White Box Benefit Via Skype

Mr. Ai. (Courtesy

This Wednesday is the 13th annual spring benefit–and 14th anniversary–of White Box, the New York art institution on the Bowery. White Box will be honoring artist Ai Weiwei with the Richard J. Massey Foundation/ White Box Arts and Humanity Award. Ai Weiwei, who has been prohibited from leaving China for a year, will appear live via Skype to accept the award and make a statement.

Earlier in April, Mr. Ai set up cameras inside his home as a kind of commentary on the 24-hour police surveillance he was placed under after being imprisoned for 81 days. It took a little more than a day for the government to shut down the website.

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