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Graffiti Piece by Artist Andre, Spotted on Perry St., Stolen

photo2 Graffiti Piece by Artist Andre, Spotted on Perry St., Stolen

The graffito in question.

Over the weekend a tipster wrote in to say he’d spotted a piece by the graffiti artist André on Perry street, just across from the restaurant Sant Ambroeus, and sent in the photo to the left, which seems to feature the artist’s signature character “Mr. A” on a construction wall protecting what will apparently one day be an A.P.C clothing store.

When construction workers showed up to work on Monday, however, that section of the wall was missing—stolen by an eagle-eyed fan with excellent taste in graffiti.

Andre Saraiva a.k.a. André was featured in the Banksy movie Exit Through the Gift Shop as well as the popular recent graffiti show at the Museum of Contemporary Art Los Angeles “Art in the Streets.” He’ll be headed to New York in a slightly more formal capacity this February for a show at Half Gallery during Fashion Week.

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