Occupy Wall Street

Philip Glass Will Join ‘Occupy Lincoln Center’ on Thursday

Philip Glass (Photo courtesy of Getty Images)

The organizers of the Occupy Wall Street protests will hold a General Assembly at Lincoln Center on Thursday to protest the cultural hub’s corporate sponsors, among them David H. Koch, for whom one of its theaters is named. Philip Glass, whose opera Satyagraha about the life of Mahatma Gandhi will be performed at Lincoln Center that evening, will be on hand at the 10:30 p.m. protest to read a statement. Read More


Good Grief! Optimists With Healthy Outlook on Life Destroy Bleak Poem by Making it Positive

Courtesy of The Daily News

Power pessimists that we are (though we prefer “realists”), we’re big fans of the morose poem in the tunnel connecting Port Authority to the Times Square subway station. It’s discrete, so if you’re one of those “hopeful” people, you don’t have to look. In its entirety, the poem, written by Norman Colp, reads:

“Overslept, so tired, if late, get fired. Why bother? Why the pain? Just go home, do it again.” Read More